Intake Process

Our evaluation and assessment process has been structured to maximize efficiency.  In order to best help achieve this we ask that you take time to understand our protocols and provide the required information and documents in a timely manner.

Company Process

Please review the following steps:

1. Complete the Application Form

A completed Application Form, along with supporting documents, as requested at the end of the Application Form, for review. Upon receiving it and subject to an interest in principle, we will contact you. The Application Form can be downloaded on our Website together with the required NCNDA.

2. Initial Assessment of Interest and available Capital Options

Upon receiving and reviewing the documents submitted, we will determine which programs will be best suited for your goals to be achieved and if there is an interest in principle in your project from one of the investment organisations with whom we have a long term relationship.

3. Information Exchange – Conference Call

We will discuss the proposed project and the parties that will be involved in the project. Company principal(s) must be present for the call. All conference calls are to discuss the current status of the project, capital already injected into a project, and the amount of capital still needed for the funding of the project.

4. Letter of Interest

Subject to an interest in principle to fund your project, by one of the investment organisations with whom we have a long term relationship, we will issue a Letter of Interest. The document will outline the terms and conditions of the funding process and the terms and conditions of the proposed investment facility by the interested investment organisation.