Project Finance

We focus on studying, negotiating, and securing adequate finance (Structured Finance) for domestic and export markets throughout the world. Our approach is risk-based, location-based, and structure-based.

Commercially viable business opportunities, solid proposals, and strong potential clients are identified and recognized on a selective basis. Each request is carefully assessed (diagnostics / evaluation) and goes through a comprehensive Assessment Process in accordance with prudent financial practices.

All important aspects (technical, market, marketing, financial, legal, etc.) are closely evaluated. A situation adapted approach and concise examination is imperative in order to provide quality recommendations for consideration to the potential investors, funds, and trusts.

In some instances, we act as the Appointed Fiduciary of an investor during the pre due diligence and application process, and follow a strict code of conduct in order to meet all legal and ethical obligations within the scope of its responsibilities as set forth by the investor. It is the responsibility of CCG to work, during the evaluation -and application process, in the best interest of the investor and the client while at the same time to be in full compliance to the terms and conditions as set forth by the investor for the evaluation and application process only.