Our companies are guided and advised by professional advisors with expert knowledge and extensive networks within their key sectors and geographic areas.

Heinz Tschudi

Heinz Tschudi is a licensed Tax, Audit and Fiduciary Expert for private companies and for public listed companies. Note that a number of individuals within our Group have similar qualifications to Mr. Heinz Tschudi.

Rita Mlodischewski

Rita Mlodischewski holds a degree in Economics and a degree as a translator. She is specialized in IT Projects but dedicates the majority of her time to the consolidation and coordination of Group’s activities and strategies.

Martin Model

Martin Model is an Economist. He is also the CEO of a Biotech company in Switzerland. Martin’s significant expertise in corporate and project finance is complemented by his extensive and in-depth knowledge of the global financial markets and their geopolitics. He is an adviser to various investment companies in Switzerland and abroad.

Jin Suk Kim

J.S. Kim is an Economist. He is the Regional Director of CCG’s Asian operation. He is based in Seoul / South Korea, where he heads and controls an experienced team of specialists.